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UB Rules & Regulations

University disciplinary processes take appropriate action when student conduct directly and significantly interferes with the University's primary educational responsibility of insuring all members of its community the opportunity to attain their educational objectives in consonance with the institution's mandate. These regulations governing student behavior have been formulated to be reasonable and realistic for all students.

Holds: UB Rules & Regs Affirm Hold

SUNY requires all UB students to acknowledge receipt of and affirm our UB Rules & Regulations before they will be permitted to register for classes. You will be unable to register for future classes unless you complete the affirmation form. Students who do not affirm will be blocked by the "UB Rules & Regs Affirm Hold" from registering for future classes. You may affirm on-line and your "Hold" will be immediately removed. Log into your HUB Student Center via MyUB (UBIT name and password required) to clear your hold. Questions? view FAQs page.

Photography & Video

Photographs of University events and members of the campus community are regularly taken and subsequently displayed depicting the vitality of UB If you do not want your picture used in this manner, please advise the photographer.

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