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The Office of Student Engagement offers several different credit bearing course offerings centered on the themes of leadership, diversity and service (for undergraduates only). If you are interested in registering for these courses, please see the Undergraduate Course Schedule and look for the University Experience Courses (UBE). These specific course sections are Leadership & Community Engagement (LCE) and are all 2-credit courses unless otherwise noted.

UBE102: Dynamics of Leadership (Spring semester only)

This course is offered for a student at the beginning of his/her leadership journey. UBE102 will present the fundamentals of leadership while allowing time for self awareness and discovery. This course will explore and define different aspects of leadership, leaders on campus, and leadership in action, while making it clear that leadership is not just a position. This class is designed to develop leaders through an interactive group experience and require each student to be an active participant.

*UBE110: Interpersonal Skills for Leading and Serving (Intro to Peer Education)

Fall 2014

Wednesdays, 2 - 3:40 pm
Registration #17023

This course builds on the foundational leadership skills students need to be leaders on and off campus. This course examines the social change model of leadership and is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership, enhancing their skill building in the areas of conflict resolution, communication, problem solving, decision making, and much more. This course is highly interactive and uses experiential activities as the context for learning.

*Please note, if you are a health and wellness minor, you must register for the Wellness (WES) section of UBE110, not the LCE section.

UBE 496: Lead, Engage, & Advocate (Winter Session)

January 5 - January 23, 2014
Monday through Friday, 10 am - 10:55 am
Registration #10035

This one credit course will educate students about how to make positive change in their communities by examining individual, group, and societal values. The class will be broken down into three (3) specific topic areas of community engagement, diversity and leadership, which will include activities, group work, and discussion both in small and large groups.

UBE496: Leadership Advocates (Spring 2015 semester only)
(Instructor permission is NOT required. Register for 2-credits.)

This course is designed for experienced student leaders who wish to explore concepts of leadership, engagement and diversity further. The course curriculum focuses on group dynamics, social justice and creating change. This course is a prerequisite to become a Leadership Advocate - a student group on campus responsible for providing support to students in the TORCH and Advanced Leadership Certificate Programs, championing efforts of the CSCLE and IDC, and facilitating reflection during volunteer events.

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