Reaching Others University at Buffalo - The State University of New York

Broaden Your UB Experience

You are not just any UB student. You have unique talents, interests, and passions. You have a unique mark to leave on the world. So go for it, move beyond your major, get outside of the classroom and explore the world. Get close to a community, dive into challenges and ideas. Try out a career, do research, explore paradigms or create something entirely new. But don't stop there. Weave it all together- your coursework, your experiences and insights. Create your unique portfolio, your future, your edge. This is your time, your education, your UB.

Discover Feature

Get curious. Explore the world, grapple with complexity, and realize your impact, all under the mentorship of faculty, researchers, and seasoned staff.

Serve Feature

Get engaged. Get closer to your community, providing service while learning about the needs and opportunities around you.

Build a Career Feature

Get prepared. Explore career paths, participate in internships, make connections with employers and cultivate the skills and work experience necessary for your success.

Stories Feature

Explore, share your stories, and gain inspiration from others' experiences.