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Transfer Ambassador Program

As a new transfer student, you are assigned a transfer ambassador to serve as a resource during your transition to UB! You can connect with your transfer ambassador through email, by meeting up at university events and programs, or by meeting informally to have your questions answered. Ambassadors are transfer students who have successfully navigated the transition to UB and who are excited to help show you all UB has to offer!

» Meet the Transfer Ambassadors

Photo: ayman

Ayman Mustafa
"Take a chance. Join a club, say hello to that stranger...take an honest chance. College is a great chance to meet people and make memories. It's important to get out of your comfort zone!"

Photo: blake

Blake Peterson
"The Career Services office is my favorite resource at UB. Whether you are looking for an internship or preparing to nail an interview for your dream job, this office has staff that are always willing to help!"

Photo: katie

Katie Teal
"I love Buffalo. I'm from the area and missed it when I was away. I knew UB was the school I wanted to transfer to right away!"

Photo: chris

Chris Sadocha
"My favorite resource is definitely Lockwood Library. I'm there all the time getting work done and studying. Also, the printers are super-fast for a place that accommodates several hundred students."

Photo: mallorie

Mallorie O'Brien
"My advice to new students is to embrace the change. UB is such a wonderful school with endless opportunities. So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable and throw yourself out there and take advantage of everything UB has to offer."

Photo: josh

Josh Herman
"I chose UB because of the massive student body. UB has given me the chance to meet tons of new people who each have their own set of ideas, thoughts, beliefs, et cetera."

Photo: crystal

Crystal Lewis
"My advice is to stay connected. With such a huge university, it is easy to get lost in the mix. Staying connected with a club, small group, or even a couple of friends will ensure that you feel part of the UB community. Also try to make new connections often. You only have this experience once, make the best of it!"

Photo: aaron

Aaron Scheff
"My favorite resource at UB is the resume workshop. A resume is extremely important for any college grad. The workshop help students craft a professional resume they can provide to an employer."

Photo: Bennett

Bennett Ockun
"I chose UB for many reasons. I wanted a big school so I get all different kinds of people and I wanted to be a part of a lively, spirit filled community. I saw myself being very successful here--academically and socially."

Events for Transfers

Join us for different social activities hosted by the Transfer Ambassadors to help you meet people, get involved, and make UB your home. Check your email for event invitations and reminders!

Transfer E-Newsletter

Our monthly e-newsletter is written by transfer students for transfer students. We include insider tips, strategies for success, and upcoming events you'll want to know about. Check your email at the beginning of each month for the transfer e-newsletter.

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