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Visitor Information

Attending an event or meeting on campus? Here's some helpful information and directions:
Obtaining a guest hangtag is necessary if you are visiting the University weekdays before 3 pm.
Please visit our parking office: 106 Spaulding, North Campus (map/building photo External Site Link Icon ) to receive one.

Campus Maps

  • Online campus maps External Site Link Icon
  • Pick up location for maps (during business hours):
    • Visitor Paid Parking Booth (adjoining Fronczack Lot, North Campus)
    • Parking office: 106 Spaulding, North Campus (map/building photo External Site Link Icon )


Visitor Parking (includes meters and clinic parking)

Parking for visitors is limited to certain lots and metered areas on each campus. Visitors to the North Campus can park in the Center for Tomorrow Lot off Flint Road, without a charge and utilize our shuttle service. Additionally, on the North Campus, visitor paid parking is available in the Fronczak Lot. There is an entry charge of $4.00 ($2.00 after 1 p.m.). On the South Campus, meters are available in the Michael Farber Lot.

Obtaining a guest hangtag is necessary if you are visiting the University weekdays before 3:00 p.m.
Please visit our parking office: 106 Spaulding, North Campus (map/building photo External Site Link Icon ) to receive one.

Persons invited to UB by a specific department or organization of the University are considered guests and are eligible for Guest Permits (no charge). Guest Permits must be dated, and are valid in faculty/staff and student lots. Permits should be obtained through the inviting department and in advance of arriving on campus. Disability parking can be found in various locations on campus.

Those utilizing guest, range, vendor, clinic, and special event parking permits are viewed as visitors to the campus and can park in areas where the permit is valid and make use of the campus shuttle services to facilitate reaching their destination.

  • Disability parking is available on campus
  • Metered parking (2 types) is available - see below
  • Clinic parking and information - see chart below

Metered Parking

To locate a parking lot, view campus map. External Site Link Icon

Mobile Payment Metered Parking

Parkmobile Mobile Payment Solutions is a paid parking service that uses a 1-800 number or smart phone app to take payments and time your space utilization. Benefits over traditional parking meters include:

  • Free registration - it's quick and easy
  • Nationwide service - use it when you travel/go home
  • Easy & secure payment: no cash/change needed. Payments made via your registered credit card.
  • Running late? Add time to your space from your phone
  • Avoid tickets: optional text message reminder before your parking expires; get back to your car or add more time
  • Online personal pages allow you to manage & print your parking receipts

Locations (select spaces)

  • At all traditional meter locations
  • Rensch Loop
  • Park Lot
  • Putnam Way Extension
  • Coventry Road


  1. You must pre-register through or download/register with their app.
  2. Once you have found a parking space, launch the Parkmobile app or 1-877-727-5730 as posted on the sign
  3. Enter the 4 digit parking zone number located on the meter or nearby signage
  4. Enter your space number (if required)
  5. Keep your vehicle information correct and up to date with

Problems utilizing the service?

Call Parkmobile's Customer Service help line at 1-877-727-5730. Or email with questions.

Parking Meters (traditional)

Parking meters are available throughout the North Campus and in the Michael-Farber Lot on the South Campus, and are enforced 8 a.m. - 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Rates vary per location. Parking permits are not valid at parking meters. Parking is prohibited at malfunctioning meters.

South Campus

  • Clark Lot (4) - near Clark Hall, Kapoor Hall
  • Hayes/Crosby Loading (3) - near Hayes Hall, Hayes A-D, Crosby Hall
  • Michael-Farber Lot (2) - near Squire Hall, Michael Hall, MacDonald Hall, Farber Hall, Sherman Hall

North Campus

  • Alumni A Lot (2) - near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena
  • Baird B Lot (4) - near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena
  • Coventry Loop (4) - near Center for the Arts, Slee Concert Hall, Alumni Arena
  • Flint Road (4) - near Park Hall, Capen Hall, Jacobs Hall
  • Hamilton Loop (8) - near Capen Hall, Knox Lecture Hall, Student Union
  • Hochstetter B Lot (30) - near Capen Hall, Knox Lecture Hall
  • Jacobs A Lot (4) - near Capen Hall, Jacobs Management Center
  • Jacobs C Lot (4) - near Jacobs Management Center, Lockwood Library
  • Park Lot (28) - near Capen Hall, O'Brian Hall, Jacobs Management Center
  • Putnam Way (2) - near Mathematics Building, Computing Center, Fronczak Hall
  • Putnam Way (2) - near Natural Science Complex & Lecture Halls, Cooke Hall, Hochstetter Hall

Clinic Patient Parking

The following clinics/centers issue special guest permits, which are to be properly displayed and are valid only in the lots/areas indicated below. These spaces are for clinic patients only. Valid permits are checked Monday through Friday, during the stated times listed in the chart below. If you have not been given a clinic parking pass please contact the respective clinic to receive one:

South Campus
All Clinics
Tower Lot 8 am - 5 pm
Michael-Farber Lot 8 am - 4 pm
Michael-Farber Lot 7 am - 7 pm
Michael-Farber Lot
Squire Lot
7 am - 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm
Main Circle ((As Posted)
Abbott Student (As Posted)
8 am - 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm
Diefendorf Loop
Sherman Lot
8 am - 5 pm
8 am - 5 pm
Michael-Farber Lot 8 am - 6:30 pm
Michael-Farber Lot 7 am - 5 pm
North Campus
Putnam Way/Baldy Hall 8 am - 5 pm
Park Hall Clinics
Park Hall Lot
Flint Loop
8 am - 8 pm
8 am - 8 pm

Need additional information, please contact us.

Special Event Parking

Reserved parking is generally available and posted for most cultural and athletic events after 3 pm Monday through Friday, and all day on weekends. Parking attendants are available to assist with reserved and special permit parking for most events. A nominal fee may apply. Event parking is generally limited to lots immediately adjacent to the Center For the Arts, the Stadium, and Alumni Arena. Check the Service Advisories link at the top of this page for lot changes/restrictions due to special events or construction. For larger special events tune in to 1620AM for updates and information on reserved parking and traffic directions.


  • The best kept parking secret for attending large events on campus is parking on the north side of campus. After the event, you will be off campus in 3 minutes! The walk to Alumni Arena and CFA is 7 minutes. The walk to the Stadium is 9 minutes. For easy access, enter campus from Rensch Rd. off Sweet Home Rd. or use the Hamilton entrance off the John James Audubon Parkway. Park in Furnas Lot, Jarvis A + B Lots, and Ketter Lot.
  • Disability parking is made available in the Slee B Lot during most events. You may access this lot via Coventry Rd. off Augspurger Rd. Contact us at 645-7329 with any questions.
  • RV parking on football game days is available along the curbs of the Special Event Lot on the North Campus, and on the west side of Coventry Road. All other RV parking will be accommodated in available lots. Please be considerate and try to park within one - two parking spaces.
  • UB Stampede service is available from South to North campus daily. You could Park & Ride from South campus to your event.
  • You can use External Site Link Icon as a means of finding ridesharing opportunities with others attending the same event.
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