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Staff Recognition: Employee of the Quarter

We are recognizing the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed in the 2nd Quarter of 2016.

Employees of the 3rd Quarter of 2016:

Photo: Officer Fletcher   Photo: Officer Radder

Lieutenant Jonathan Fletcher and Officer Eric Radder

On September 24, 2016. Lieutenant Fletcher and Officer Radder were working an overtime detail at the Army vs. University at Buffalo football game when they encountered a sick/intoxicated female with two minor children. Lieutenant Fletcher assisted one of the officers taking care of the mother and was very efficient in getting contact information from the children without alarming them. He was able to contact the children's aunt to come and pick up the kids from the university. Officer Radder arrived to take over watching the children for Lieutenant Fletcher while the aunt was on her way. Officer Radder made sure that the children were well taken care of and took them to meet the meet the football team, have dinner, and have their faces painted. In addition, Lt. Fletcher purchased some UB winter hats for the children as it was getting cold out. The efforts of Lieutenant Fletcher and Officer Radder ensured that these children were not only safe, but that they were still able to have a great time at the game despite a difficult family situation.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize Lieutenant Fletcher and Officer Radder for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, for their efforts and commitment to the well-being of our campus community!

Honorable Mentions

Officers Anthony Vinci and Christopher Fisher; and Dispatcher Christopher Tornabene

On August 28, 2016 Dispatcher Tornabene received a notification of a fire alarm activation in 24 E Flickinger Court. He swiftly dispatched officers Vinci and Fisher to the scene where they met with the residents of the Flickinger apartment. They reported that there was an oven fire in the apartment which resulted in visible flames and an accumulation of smoke. This information was quickly broadcast over the air and local departments were requested to respond. Officer Fisher went to work trying to extinguish the fire and Officer Vinci noticed a family with an infant in the apartment next door that had not evacuated. He went to work evacuating the family as well as all other occupants left in the building. All residents from the building were safely evacuated to the Flickinger Community Center safely. The quick actions of Dispatcher Tornabene and Officers Vinci and Fisher made sure that all the residents at Flickinger court were safe and that the fire was extinguished as soon as possible with minimal damage.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize Officers Vinci and Fisher; and Dispatcher Tornabene for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, for their swift action and commitment to safety of the community.

Dispatcher Kristen Herr

On September 21, 2016 Dispatcher Herr was able to resolve an almost week long search for a missing person. By taking a creative approach and her research Dispatcher Herr was able to ping a cell phone that was one of multiple numbers associated with the subject. It was because of her dedication and effort that the department was able to locate the missing individual and resolve the case.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize Dispatcher Herr for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, for her creative thinking and pledge to the safety of the campus community.

Dispatcher Amy Revelas

On September 7, 2016 Dispatcher Revelas was reviewing the UPD camera system to view various areas of the campus when she discovered two individuals trying vehicle door handles in the Richmond B parking lot. Her alertness led to north patrols intercepting these individuals and preventing theft in the parking lot.

It is my distinct pleasure to recognize Dispatcher Revelas for the 3rd Quarter of 2016, for her attention to detail and quick action.

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