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Research: Doing Research at Counseling Services

As a member of the University community, part of Counseling Services' mission is the support and dissemination of research. Efforts are made to develop collaborations between staff and colleagues and students on empirical research and theoretical papers, both here at the University at Buffalo, and at other colleges and universities.

Several guidelines have been developed to assist you in conducting research at Counseling Services:

  1. Guiding Principles
    1. Research must not interfere with Counseling Services' client care. Impact on usual Counseling Services' procedures should be minimized.
    2. Measures to safeguard clients' welfare must be clearly outlined. Risks to clients must be negligible.
    3. Professional ethical guidelines must be carefully adhered to.
    4. Priority will be given to studies that clearly benefit university & college counseling center practices and clients.
  2. Basic Requirements
    1. Research conducted by a student must have a faculty advisor. This advisor's name and contact information must be provided.
    2. You must develop your research proposal in consultation with Counseling Services. Do not assume we will be able to approve a proposal without modification.
    3. You should obtain Institutional Review approval only after your proposal has been approved by the Counseling Services.
  3. Minimal structure for proposal
    1. Statement of purpose, including how this study will benefit counseling center practices.
    2. Research methodology, with details about impact on usual Center procedures and on clients' experience.
    3. Proposed statistical methods.
    4. Expected findings, hypotheses.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sharon Mitchell, Director, Counseling Service at 716 645-2720 or

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