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The Students' Advocate Office was established to address students' academic and non-academic questions. The office is a place students can turn to for assistance. You can call or schedule an appointment with the Students' Advocate at any time to discuss your concerns.

Information and Referral

Much of the role of the Students' Advocate is to provide information, answer questions, clarify University Rules and Regulations, and refer students to the proper sources.

The Students' Advocate has access to an array of reference materials, University offices, and authorities. To best serve the needs of students, materials pertaining to both on- and off-campus resources, are continuously updated.

Students may reach the Students' Advocate by calling 645-6154, stopping by 252 Capen Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm, or by writing via e-mail to the Students' Advocate.

What is the Students' Advocate?

The Students' Advocate can be accessed both in person and by e-mail, which is serviced by the Office of the Judicial Affairs at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Between them, answers to your question will be thought up and responded to.

What kind of question?

One of the mottos of this office is to take on any person with any problem that walks through our doors, or writes us. We promote ourselves as the last stop you will need to go to resolve your issues, we will direct you to the correct person that can. Problems we tackle range from grading problems to grievances, plagiarism to roommate issues, and much more. If you have a problem, then we will try our best to help you!

An Advocate for Students

The less common, but perhaps more crucial role, is acting as a spokesperson or intermediary for students who have complaints about faculty, staff, administration or on-campus services. Although the Student Advocate Office has no specific authority over any segment of the University, we hope to assist students through the use of reason, persuasion, and knowledge of the University Rules and Regulations.

The Judicial Affairs office has access to all persons, offices, and services at the University. When necessary, this access is utilized to work toward a satisfactory resolution of student complaints.

How do I know if My Complaint is Valid?

The Office of the Students' Advocate is eager to respond to issues that may arise from problems with faculty, staff, or services here at UB. If you feel that your rights as a student have been violated or if you are experiencing distress due to any variety of academic or non-academic issues on campus, you are encouraged to sit down and discuss it with the Students' Advocate. The Students' Advocate will listen and then offer feedback, information, advice, and/or referrals.

This service is meant to ensure the rights of students and work to resolve their complaints. In order to maintain its integrity, the Students' Advocate Office cannot promote causes that are vindictive or without merit. Assessment of student complaints are promised to be performed in a fair, non-partisan, reasonable and compassionate fashion. Resolution is earnestly sought for all valid complaints.

The primary goal of the Students' Advocate is to give students a sense of empowerment and reduce feelings of helplessness and frustration. Someone at UB will listen and respond to your problems and unanswered questions.

A Sample of Issues our Office has Addressed


  • Grading Policy
  • Courses
  • Graduation requirements
  • Academic dishonesty and dismissal
  • Laboratory policies
  • Admission into academic programs/department
  • Formal grievance procedures


  • Questions and clarification of University Rules and Regulations
  • Harassment
  • Records and registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Concern over conduct of faculty, staff, or student
  • Tuition and Fees (refunds, checkstops, residence status)
  • Scholarships
  • On-campus services
  • Transportation
  • Residence hall issues
  • Student Governments (clubs, organizations)

How do I contact the Students' Advocate?

It's so simple! Just type your concern(s) below in the comment box and click "Submit".

If you think that your concern may be universal, you must give us permission to post it on this site. We will eliminate all personal references.

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