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Don't Cancel That Class Program

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Called away on business? Attending a conference? Family obligations?

There's no need to cancel your class. The Student Wellness Team (Counseling Services, Wellness Education Services, and Health Services) by way of the Don't Cancel That Class program can cover your class by presenting on a number of topics that are relevant to college students. Even if you don't need to cancel a class, you are always welcome to request any of these presentations for your classes throughout the year.

Presentations are typically 50 - 90 minutes in length, depending on the presentation and your class's schedule. Select the "Other" option below, if the topic you are interested in is not listed and describe what you need in the "Comments" section along with any other information that will help us deliver the program you want.

Common Program Offerings

Question, Persuade, Refer - Suicide Prevention Training

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students. The good news is that most suicides can be prevented if concerned others learn to recognize the risk factors, develop comfort asking about suicidal thoughts, and know where to send someone for help. Participants in this presentation will leave with practical knowledge for helping others who might be at risk for suicide.

STI Jeopardy

Sex discussed here! Learn the latest information regarding sexually transmitted infections and how to practice responsible intimacy and safer sex. STI Jeopardy is a fun, interactive game where everyone wins prizes at the end of the game. Bring your questions- no question is off limits!

Communication Skills for Life

Interpersonal stress is one of the most common concerns for college students. Most interpersonal difficulties result from poor communication. In this workshop, students will learn healthy and effective ways to assert their needs and resolve conflicts in their personal and academic life.

Got Stress?

The American College Health Association cites stress as the number-one impediment to academic performance in its national college health assessment. In this presentation students will learn techniques to identify stressors and take control of stress in their lives.

WES Stress Survivor

The DIY Stress Relief Survival Workshop Kit is designed to be presented by student leaders or course instructors. The focus of the program is to educate students about the basics of understanding stress and providing some easy-to-use tools for managing stress.

How to help a sexual assault survivor

1 in 4 college women will experience a sexual assault during her academic career ( Learn how to respond if someone you know experiences a rape or sexual assault. Participants will learn how to help others recover from rape and sexual assault, tap into local resources, and get involved in prevention efforts at UB.

Relationship Jeopardy

College takes relationship issues to the next level, and this game takes the conversation there too. This workshop utilizes a fun, competitive game to educate and test student's knowledge about healthy relationships, safer sex, sexual violence, relationship diversity and more.

Gender Matters

An exploration and open discussion of gender, and its relationship to how we experience life –sex, television, sports, partying, violence, relationships, health, etc. The program separates the class into groups for a peer facilitated activity, before bringing everyone back together for an open, honest discussion where nothing is off limits.

Women and Alcohol Workshop

This program highlights the way women are affected by alcohol biologically, socially and culturally in comparison to men. Examples of alcohol use and high-risk drinking are put on the table for discussion. Strategies are shared to assist women to reduce their risks related to drinking alcohol.

Recognizing Limits: Bystander Intervention for Alcohol Use

This workshop deepens understanding of bystander intervention. Students learn how to recognize problem situations involving alcohol and develop strategies for intervening safely.

Safe Zone

The purpose of the Safe Zone Network at the University at Buffalo is to create an affirming and supportive campus climate through identifying and educating members of our campus community who are open to and supportive of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. To be involved in the Safe Zone Program, prospective UB Safe Zone members are asked to participate in this training session and agree to abide by UB Safe Zone expectations. The training session lasts 3 hours.

Diversity Dialogue

This program engages students in an interactive exploration and self-assessment regarding culture, diversity, biases, microaggressions, stereotypes, and privilege. Help increase your students' awareness of who they are and how they interact with the world around them.

To request a workshop complete the request form below. Please note: two-week advance notice is required. The Student Wellness team is happy to work with you to create a presentation that will fit your needs. For additional information contact Carissa C. Uschold at 645-2720.

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