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Classroom & General Campus Space (non-academic use) Reservations

Rental Agreement/Policy

As a public institution of higher education, the University at Buffalo recognizes its responsibility to supplement its undergraduate, graduate and professional programs with extracurricular activities.

To permit the appropriate scheduling of facilities, the observance of requirements for financial responsibility, all requests for use of any type of University space or grounds, other than that required for scheduled academic, intramural and intercollegiate activities, must be presented to Student Life.

The requests must be made on the form provided and should contain all needed information including the following:

  1. Name and function of the group
  2. Purpose of the meeting
  3. Preferred meeting dates
  4. University facilities, food service, personnel required, and other special needs
  5. Budget and account number, where expenses are indicated.

All requests will be reviewed by the Coordinator for conformity to the State University regulations and University at Buffalo policies, including the following regulations:

  1. The purpose of the meeting/event is consistent with the general objectives of the University
  2. The necessary documents (standard contract for non-university groups, documents of agreement for University groups) are executed and filed.

In a case where clear determination of acceptance is not possible, the request will be referred to the Director of Student Life, who will make a determination regarding the appropriateness of the request.

The University's use of all facilities shall have preemptive priority. Academic use of space shall have preemptive priority over non-academic use. The exercise of preemptive priority where commitments have been made can only be authorized by the Office of the President.

The request for space is accepted or rejected on the basis of space availability, necessary services, review of the event for propriety, and timely & properly executed documents of authorization.


Requests for ad hoc use of space for non-academic purposes comes from both University and non-University groups. Subject to the above statements, the following procedures and conditions apply:

  1. University Groups
    All events must have a University sponsorship, and the sponsoring group must accept financial responsibility for damage to University property and/or inordinate cleaning.

    If fees are charged for an event, all financial accounting must be processed through an approved University accounting agency. The University will require 50 per cent of any net revenue to be returned to the University. That portion of the net revenue returned to the University will be held in a university holding account for the balance of the academic year in which the revenue was received. If the organization creating the revenue experiences a loss in any subsequent events during the same academic year, the loss will be offset by any accumulated revenues held in the holding account established for the organization. At the end of the academic year, any amount remaining in the holding account will be treated as University revenue.

    1. Faculty and Staff Requests
      An academic or administrative unit must obtain appropriate sponsorship through a department chair, director, dean or vice president.
    2. Student Requests
      The six recognized student organizations: (Undergraduate Student Association, Graduate Student Association, Medical Student Association, Dental Student Association, Law Student Association and Graduate Management Association) and such other student groups as certified by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs as those representative bodies from which a student group must obtain sponsorship (authorized by the signature of an appropriate officer on this form).
    3. Major Student Events
      Events sponsored by student organizations which either a.) project an attendance of more than 400, or b.) demonstrate by their scope and nature, possible risk to the health, safety or welfare of the participants or to the campus population, will be referred to Student Life to apply for permit status.
  2. Non-University Groups and Individuals
    In recognizing its community service role, the University will consider requests from individuals and groups who have specialized needs. University facilities and grounds (State property) cannot be used for profit or personal gain; however, not-for-profit activities may be permitted if the criteria below are satisfied:

    1. The purpose of the activity is consistent with the general objectives of the University.
    2. The group or individual must obtain sponsorship of the proposed activity through a University at Buffalo academic department, administrative office or recognized student group (as indicated above).
    3. Groups or individuals not sponsored by an academic unit, administrative office or recognized student group as set forth in previous section must execute an approved contract.
    4. All information and promotion bearing the name of the University must be reviewed by the Office of Trademarks and Licensing prior to release.
    5. The user may be required to pay to the University all costs incurred by the University as a result of the event (e.g. University Police and University Services personnel, material, etc.) including damages, if any, and must be willing to sign a contract to this effect. The contract will include appropriate requirements for the event.
    6. Any users charging an admission fee and/or generating other income while using University facilities or grounds must return 50 percent of the gross revenue to the University. The University may grant exceptions for events that raise funds for charitable organizations; however, such waivers can only be granted by Student Life.


The following guidelines and regulations are provided to assist those individuals or groups in planning their proposed events.

Processing the Request:
A request for the use of university facilities or grounds must be in writing on a reservation form provided by the Student Life. The reservation form must be received in Student Life ten (10) working days prior to the proposed event, unless a contract is involved, or alcohol service is requested, in which case a 60-days notice is required.

Student organizations sponsoring events requiring contracts must submit their reservation requests at least four weeks in advance of the proposed event. A written confirmation of the space request should be in the possession of the requestor before commitment to contractual obligations.

Disabled Accessibility:
All events held on campus must be scheduled in locations that are accessible to the disabled, or specific provisions must be made by the sponsor(s) to make the event accessible to the disabled.

It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organization to actively enforce room capacities and to comply with safety codes and procedures as required by the University's Office of Occupational & Environmental Safety Services. If the capacity of a facility is exceeded or if other safety regulations are not enforced, the sponsor(s) may be prohibited from further utilization of University facilities or grounds.

Cancellation of Events:
A cancellation must be submitted in writing to the Reservations Coordinator as soon as it becomes evident that the event will not be scheduled as planned. Organizations are not to schedule another date for the event until a new request has been approved in writing from Student Life. If a sponsor cancels a scheduled event and does not notify the Coordinator, a cancellation fee that is commensurate with the supporting labor requirements initially requested by the sponsor may be assessed.

Individuals or groups who do not adhere to the aforementioned guidelines and regulations may be denied the use of University facilities or grounds upon filing a future reservation request.

Online Reservation Form for Classroom & General Campus Space (for University Departments)


I, as the person identified below, do hereby agree to accept responsibility for this event. Such responsibility includes assurance that the facility requested will be used as stated in this request, that reasonable care will be taken to keep the event orderly, that I have read and understand the policies printed in this document, and that rules and regulations of the university will be obeyed.

Preferred Contact Time (Please Leave This Section Blank)
Classroom And General Campus Space Utilization Request Form

[Required Field] indicates required field

  1. *If non-campus organization, list UB sponsor [required below]
  2. [Required Field] Mailing Address:
  3. Day 1

    Day 2

    Day 3

  4. [Required Field] In the space below, please provide a description of the event you are planning:
  5. List extraordinary requirements, special conditions or special room characteristics necessary
    (e.g., electrical requirements, AV, custodial service, etc.):
  6. [Required Field] If you are serving food at the event, is Campus Catering providing the food?
  7. [Required Field] Will there be an admission charge or donation while using facility requested?
    (If your answer is yes, Student Life requires the submission of the intended expenditure list from such collected funds.)
  8. * Sponsored Events: if you have an agreement from an appropriate university department, organization, or one of the seven recognized student associations to sponsor this event, please formalize the agreement by having an authorized administrator/officer complete the information requested below. Without the expressed written consent of a relevant university department or organization, your event cannot be hosted. A certificate of insurance naming, minimally, the State of New York, the State University of New York, and the University of Buffalo as additionally insured must be on file in Student Life no later than two weeks prior to the event.

    I, the undersigned, hereby state that I am authorized to sponsor the event listed above by the organization listed above and do so now. If the organization listed above fails to reimburse the university for all expenses associated with the event (including but not limited to: negotiated expenses, damages, undue wear and tear to university property, extraordinary cleanup), I agree to provide full reimbursement to the university for all outstanding charges 60 days from the conclusion of the event.

    If your event falls in this category please indicate the Sponsor's Name, Department, Phone & email information in the General notes/comments area (below). If Student Life has any questions you will be contacted.

  9. Approval, if granted, is for the above-described event ONLY. Any changes in the date or nature of the event require re-authorization.
  10. General notes/comments:

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